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Dr. Andréa C. LeBlanc
Researcher, Bloomfield Centre for Research in Aging, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research
James McGill Professor, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, McGill University

Dr. Andréa C. LeBlanc is a James McGill Professor in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University and a researcher at the Bloomfield Center for Research in Aging at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research in Montreal. Dr. LeBlanc is also an Associate Member in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology and in the Division of Geriatric Medicine at McGill. She received a Ph.D from the Department of Biochemistry at Dalhousie University and did her post-doctoral training in the Department of Neurology at the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. LeBlanc initiated her studies on Alzheimer and prion diseases as an assistant professor in the Department of Pathology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland from 1989 to 1993. 

She is renowned for her discovery of Caspase-6 in early Alzheimer disease and her work on the neuroprotective function of normal cellular prion protein. The prion work was chosen as one of Quebec Science Top 10 discoveries in 2003. Dr. LeBlanc has been a member of several committees at the National Institutes of Health and was recently appointed to their College of Scientific Review. She has been a
Chercheur boursier and a Chercheur national of the Fond de recherche en santé du Québec. In 2009, she was the first woman to receive an Honoris Causa Doctorate es Science from the University of Moncton.
Major Research Activities

Since 1993, Dr. LeBlanc has investigated the underlying molecular mechanisms responsible for the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative diseases in aging individuals. Using several molecular and cellular biology techniques, the research in her laboratory focuses on two neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer disease and prion diseases. In Alzheimer disease research, Dr. LeBlanc’s team studies cell death mechanisms in human primary neuron cultures. Her main research goal is to test the hypothesis that the degenerative events in human aged neurons are the leading physiological abnormality contributing to the loss of a critical mass of functional neurons in the central nervous system (CNS) and that this loss is the underlying cellular reason for the CNS deficit and the associated pathology in Alzheimer Disease. Recently, the team has identified intense Caspase-6 activity associated with early neurodegenerative events in age-related cognitive deficits and in Alzheimer disease and believes that Caspase-6 activation is a critical determinant of cognitive impairment and dementia in Alzheimer disease. Dr. LeBlanc also identified an anti-cell death function for the normal cellular form of prion protein and continues to investigate the regulation of prion protein expression, trafficking, and function in normal and pathological conditions. Recently, her team identified phosphorylation as a physiological mechanism for the conversion of the normal cellular prion protein into a disease-associated conformer.

Recent Publications

Giannopoulos, P.N., Robertson, C., Jodoin, J, Paudel, H., Booth, S.A., LeBlanc, A.C.. (2009)
Phosphorylation of prion protein at serine 43 induces prion protein conformational change. J. Neurosci. 29(27):8743-51.

Klaiman, G., Petzke, T., Hammond, J., LeBlanc, AC. (2008) Targets of caspase-6 activity in human neurons and in Alzheimer disease. Mol. Cell. Proteomics 7:1541-1555.

Jodoin J, Laroche-Pierre S, Goodyer CG, LeBlanc AC (2007) Defective retrotranslocation causes loss of anti-Bax function in human familial prion protein mutants. J Neurosci 27:5081-5091.
Dr LeBlanc is an internationally recognized researcher in the areas of Alzheimer disease and prion diseases.

She discovered the importance of Caspase-6 activation in cognitive impairment and in Alzheimer disease.

She identified a role for the normal cellular prion protein against Bax-mediated cell death.
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