Important related resources available to the Bloomfield Centre
Jewish General Hospital - McGill University Memory Clinic
Dr. Howard Chertkow and Dr. Howard Bergman are co-directors of this multi-disciplinary clinic combining the expertise of nurses, psychologists, and physicians from Geriatric Medicine and Neurology. The clinic provides coordinated assessment and diagnosis of patients, and training of residents and physicians in the area of cognitive problems. It has proven to be a powerful clinical research base, with a large cohort of memory-impaired patients who are often recruited into research studies. Over 500 new elderly individuals with memory impairment are assessed each year at the clinic. A large number of industry-supported and investigator-driven drug studies have been organized and run through the clinic, which routinely leads the country in its ability to recruit memory-impaired or AD subjects into studies of new therapies.

Centre for Neurotranslational Research (CNR)
The Centre for Neurotranslational Research (CNR) is directed by Dr. Hyman M. Schipper. The Primary Mission of the Centre is to facilitate the implementation of new therapies and diagnostic tools for the management of patients suffering from Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, neuromuscular diseases, and cancer of the nervous system. A major focus of the CNR is the development of novel and effective antioxidant medications and nutriceuticals to slow or arrest neuronal loss and associated clinical decline in Alzheimer disease and other degenerative brain disorders. When fully operational, the CNR will encompass five Neural Therapy Programs (neuroprotection, immunomodulation, gene therapy, antiproliferation, and neuropharmacology).

McGill Consortium for Brain Imaging Research (MCBIR)
The Bloomfield Centre is the "aging and neurodegeneration" axis of MCBIR, a consortium directed by Dr. Alan Evans of the Montreal Neurological Institute. Recently, the group was awarded a Canadian Foundation for Innovation grant worth $34 million. As a result, McGill will develop one of the world's best neuroimaging facilities, which will include an imaging data analysis centre at the Bloomfield Centre. This will enable cutting edge imaging of dementia and AD patients, as well as animal models, using PET, fMRI, and other imaging modalities.
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