January 2020
The last decade was an eventful one for proteomics as the field saw a number of advances ranging from new workflows and applications to improvements in instrumentation and bioinformatic innovations. To get a sense of the key developments, we asked leading researchers in the field for their picks of the most notable achievements in proteomics throughout the 2010s. See the complete GenomeWeb story here.  
November 2019
Megagrant project from Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering have received funding from Russian Ministry of Science and High Education: Dr. Christoph Hermann Borchers and his new laboratory project “Next-Generation Proteomics to Improve Personalized Medicine and Health Care”. (Laboratory for Mass-spectroscopy), (duration 2 years, 33 mln RUB/yr).
August 2019
The UVic group has contributed 954 of the over 2350 targeted human and mouse MRM-based assays to the Assay Portal of the National Cancer Institute
April 2019
Doctoral candidate Georgia Mitsa of Dr. Christoph Borchers’ proteomics lab received two awards from McGill University:
• the Dr. Gerald B. Price Memorial Travel Award from the Department of Experimental Medicine; and the
• Grad Excellence Award in Experimental Medicine.  
September 2018
We welcome two new colleagues, Vanessa Gaspar working on an FRQS-funded project and Evgeniy Petrotchenko who is an expert in Structural Proteomics.
June 2018
We are proud to be part of the Montreal Cancer Consortium (MCC) that has been recently funded by the Terry Fox Foundation and other co-funders. “Working together, the MCC researchers will also aim to better understand how various aspects of the immune system relate to acute leukemia and why therapy works for some patients but not others. They hope to identify new biomarkers and novel targets that will respond to immunotherapy treatments.” See press release
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