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Michael Webster-Clark

Michael Webster-Clark, Pharm D, PhD

Clinical Epidemiology

Atrial fibrillation, Colorectal cancer, Diabetes, Epidemiologic methods, Epidemiology, External validity, Older adults, Pharmacoepidemiology, Subgroup analysis, Target populations
  • Principal Investigator, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research
  • Assistant Professor, Division of Clinical Epidemiology, McGill University

Contact details

1 (438) 373-4511


Michael Webster-Clark focuses on how improving the understanding of the external validity and internal validity of research on drug safety and effectiveness can translate to less biased estimates of treatment effects in more clinically relevant patient populations. He has a particular interest in exploring under what conditions methods traditionally used to target specific external populations can improve the precision and validity of treatment effect estimates within study subgroups.

Major Research Activities

My research encompasses a wide range of topics related to epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology, and the generation of real-world evidence, including:

  • Evaluating key assumptions of methods used to analyze observational data such as the clone-censor-weight design for target trial emulation and pair-censoring strategies.
  • Adapting analytic methods to novel use cases, such as applying prevalent new user strategies to study effects of drug discontinuation.
  • Exploring novel applications of analytic methods traditionally used to extend inferences from restricted study populations to more clinically relevant target populations, specifically focused on multi-site studies and subgroup analysis.

Recent Publications and References