McGill AIDS Centre

The McGill AIDS Centre coordinates, facilitates and promotes teaching, research and treatment activities at McGill University and its affiliated teaching hospitals relating to HIV infection and AIDS. McGill University has been among the foremost institutions in Canada to study and treat HIV infection and AIDS. McGill scientists, researchers, and clinicians have carried out work in every area of this health problem. The Centre firmly believes that the study and treatment of HIV infection and AIDS must be inter-disciplinary, and thus the fields of medical science and social science must complement each other. The Centre enhances this work by helping researchers, scientists and clinicians at McGill to carry out the complex research that is needed to understand, prevent and treat HIV infection both in Canada and around the world.
McGill AIDS Centre scientists play an important role through collaboration with their counterparts in developing countries in which HIV is endemic. Our scientists have played lead roles in articulating a need for access to antiretroviral drugs for all in need, regardless of where they live or ability to pay. Educational and training activities will be augmented to ensure there is sufficient manpower for the growing HIV epidemic. The care and treatment of persons who are infected with HIV or who have developed AIDS will be enhanced through coordination of these activities at McGill hospitals and clinics. Furthermore, the Centre will provide a forum for the input and participation by people with HIV infection or with AIDS in this research, teaching, and care.
Interim Director: Dr. Chen Liang
McGill AIDS Centre
Based at the Lady Davis Institute at the Jewish General Hospital
3999 Cote Ste-Catherine Road, Room F-318
Montreal, Quebec, Canada  H3T 1E2
Tel.: 514-340-7536
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