Research Assistant
Cervical Cancer Screening Services for Inuit Women of Nunavik

A McGill Research Team is seeking a research assistant to help conduct a participatory, community-based research study aiming to improve cervical cancer screening access and outcomes for Inuit women in Nunavik, Northern Quebec.

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Administrative Coordinator

Obtain quotations and negotiate with suppliers and distributors.
Assist all labs with all purchasing matters that may arise including returning merchandise purchased, disputes, etc…
Assist and train the lab’s personal in using the Purchasing system (GRM).
Place orders for the labs and the administration through our internal system (e.g. vendors, prices, quantities, catalog number and accurate description as per the labs instructions).
Track orders and ensure timely delivery (when requested).
Work in close relationship with Customs Brokers to ensure rapid clearance of any and all packages arriving from anywhere outside of Canada.

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Postdoctoral Researcher -
Dr. Ivan Topisirovic Cancer Lab

We are seeking a highly motivated and committed post-doctoral fellow to carry out a recently funded project focusing on how translational and metabolic programs are coordinated during stromal-epithelial interactions in neoplasia. This is a part of a large collaborative project carried out with Dr. Postovit’s (Queens University), Dr. Larsson’s (Karolinska Insitutet) and Dr. Furic’s (Peter Mac/Monash) labs, which aims to improve the extent to which we understand how mTOR signaling to translational and metabolic machineries drives cancer plasticity and progression. To this end, the project employs multidisciplinary approaches that combine classical biochemical, molecular and cellular biology assays with newly developed systems biology techniques thereby providing a unique environment for the development of trainees.
Research Coordinator - The Infectious Diseases Research Group

We are seeking a dynamic, motivated and highly organized individual to coordinate two multiprovince CIHR funded studies on the infectious disease epidemiology in the immigrant population. The ideal candidate will have had prior experience in research. Candidates must have at least completed a MSc or MPH. Candidates with an MSc or PhD in Epidemiology, Public Health, or a related field will be given preference and are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Statistical Research Assistant

We are looking for a dynamic candidate with SAS programming experience and interest in epidemiology/public health who can thrive in a fast-paced environment. The candidate would be responsible for SAS Programming and analysis for several epidemiological studies using large electronic medical records databases.

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PhD-level student sought for CIHR project -
Illiap Paanganik Qaujisarniq: Tailoring Cervical Cancer Screening Services for Inuit Women of Nunavik

A McGill Research Team is seeking a PhD-level student to help conduct a participatory, community-based research study aiming to improve cervical cancer screening access and outcomes for Inuit women in Nunavik, Northern Quebec.

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Postdoctoral Research Associate
Cervical Cancer Screening Services for Inuit Women of Nunavik

A team of researchers from McGill University is currently conducting a mixed methods study designed to improve cervical cancer screening access and medical follow-up for Inuit women in Northern Quebec. This CIHR-funded project involves a community-based participatory research design. We will be working with Inuit communities towards the development of educational and promotional activities for Inuit women and community and health care providers. Together we will be implementing a new screening procedure (HPV self-sampling) and monitoring and evaluating screening-related outcomes. We are seeking a research associate or a postdoctoral fellow for a minimum of 24 months and maximum of 4 years to contribute to this project.

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Research Coordinator - JGH Saliva Biobank
The Research Coordinator, working under the supervision of Dr. Mervyn Gornitsky and Dr. Ana Velly in the Department of Dentistry, will be primarily responsible of maintaining the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) Saliva Biobank.

More specifically, duties include: - recruitment of participants for clinical studies; - proper handling, processing and storage of samples and data; - administration tasks including filing, ordering supplies, responding to queries, and liaising with other investigators.

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• Chemical Biology & Drug Development
• Receptor Pharmacology (ex vivo and in vivo) • Molecular Basis of Therapeutics • Pre-clinical and Translational Medicine

We are looking for highly motivated postdoc and/or junior scientists to join a Team of local and international collaborators on Neurotrophin Receptors and Signaling, mechanisms of disease, target validation, and experimental therapeutics.

Scientific programs ranging from basic discovery to Investigational New Drugs. Role expected in producing high quality scientific publications, interest in patents is a plus. Follow-on career opportunities in industry if interested.

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Part-time research assistant
Sleep Research Lab, Department of Psychiatry

This 2-year study is funded by the Ministère des Transports, Québec, and will test the relationship between brain activity through EEG (principally the presence of microsleep events) and concurrent performance lapses using a computerised driving task in a sample of individuals with sleep disorders.

For the successful applicant, we ask for a 2-year commitment to the position (including an initial 3-month trial period). As in all academic health research, employment beyond 2 years is possible, but will depend on our group's grant funding. The start date will be in September 2019.

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Lead Clinical Research Coordinator

The Lead Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) is responsible for coordinating the operations of the Geriatric Cardiology Research Program led by Dr. Jonathan Afilalo at the Jewish General Hospital. Our research strives to improve the health of older adults with heart disease through the use of innovative strategies such as adaptive exercise programs, advanced cardiac imaging, and artificial intelligence.

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Post-Doctoral Research Fellow on the Elimination of Hepatitis C

We are seeking a Postdoctoral Research Fellow who will work on a CIHR-funded project on the Elimination of Hepatitis C (HCV) in Canada with a team of investigators in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and members of the Canadian Hepatitis C Network ( The postdoctoral fellow will use linked administrative datasets to characterize the health burden of HCV and define the steps along the HCV care cascade in different groups at risk including immigrants, intravenous drug users, and baby boomers. Both epidemiologic and modelling methods will be used. The position is based in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology, at the Lady Davis Research Institute (LDI) at the Jewish General Hospital.  
Linux System Administrator

The Lady Davis Institute in Montreal, Quebec seeks a full-time High Performance Computing (HPC) Linux System Administrator to manage a small HPC cluster that is used for scientific research, provide technical support and training to researchers, as well as basic data management of research data.

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McGill Clinical Genomics Project Manager

We seek a Project Manager to implement a genomics platform at the Jewish General Hospital.

The vision of this program is to improve clinical care through genomics. This will be achieved by building a shared genomics platform at several McGill University teaching hospitals, that pools resources in ethics & governance, bioinformatics, genomics technologies and biobanking.

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Michael Witcher Cancer Lab Recruiting
Research Assistant
1.To test new compounds to efficacy in clonogenic assays, in vitro assays and cell based biochemical assays.
2. The ideal candidate is very meticulous, paying close attention to details, able to provide detailed reports and is hard-working. The candidate will report to the PI and to a collaborating pharma company.
3. Able to work according to strict SOPs in a high-throuhput fashion.

Experience Required: All experience welcome. Biochemical purification of proteins may be an asset.

Graduate student, or postdoctoral fellow or Research Associate
1. To uncover oncogenic mechanisms through which regulation of the PARP-1/PARG axis contributes to cancer progression.
2. To explore the potential of novel anti-cancer agents to repress tumor growth and inhibit the repair of damaged DNA.
3. CRISPR/Cas9 screening for molecular biomarkers predicting drug response.

Experience: All hard working, motivated students or postdoctoral fellows encouraged to apply.
Only postdoctoral fellows or research associates with publications in recognized, respected international journals will be considered.

To apply, please send your CV to
Canadian Venous Thromboembolism Clinical Trials and Outcomes Research Network
(CanVECTOR Network)

The Montreal-based Research Network Manager will be responsible for the proper functioning of the administrative operations of the CanVECTOR Network, which includes overseeing CanVECTOR’s internal operations, communications, patient and partner activities, administrative support for the Network’s platforms, and supervising the financial officer. The mission of the national CanVECTOR Network is to decrease the health, social andeconomic burden of venous thromboembolism (VTE) on affected individuals, their families, and on Canadians as a whole.

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Research Assistant/Chart Reviewer

Under the direction of Dr. Machelle Wilchesky (Principal Investigator) and the Project colead, performs clinical chart reviews for a study taking place in the 7 long‐term care facilities within the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West‐Central Montreal. The aims of this study are to investigate the associations between potentially avoidable acute care transfers, adverse transfer outcomes, and gaps in information exchange during transitions from the long‐term care to the acute care
setting. The successful candidate will receive specific training by the project co‐lead.

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Administrative Coordinator,
Research on Organization of Healthcare Services for Alzheimers

Provides administrative support for the principal investigator (PI) and the research coordinator. Acts as initial resource person for the research team’s policies and procedures. Participates in ensuring the smooth functioning of the research team.

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Multi-Center Research Coordinator/ Research Assistant

Under the direction of Dr. Vicky Tagalakis (clinician-scientist) will perform duties
associated with the day-to-day management of the STEP-CAT clinical study across seven sites. Under the direction of Dr. Susan Kahn (clinician-scientist), will recruit patients for thrombosis-related clinical research studies and help to write research protocols and manuscripts for publication.

Biomedical Laboratory Technologist
Molecular Pathology Research Core

Under administrative direction of the Molecular Pathology Research Core, the recruited Biomedical Laboratory Technologist will be responsible for complex laboratory procedures, exercised with a high level of independence. Using state of the art equipment he/she will use their extensive knowledge of science and laboratory procedures, particularly in molecular genetics and biology to perform gene expression and NGS services for the Lady Davis Institute community. In addition, the Biomedical Laboratory Technologist will assist in the development of new technologies, standardizing and implementing laboratory procedures and quality control assessment of data output.

One year contract beginning January 2019

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Programmer/Analyst Position
The Infectious Diseases Research Group
Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Community Studies
We are seeking a full-time programmer/ analyst to assist in epidemiologic research in the area of infectious diseases. The ideal candidate will have skills in performing all functions in data management and programming, statistical design and analysis, and data interpretation. Experience in programming of large healthcare databases and the application of statistics to the field of medicine will be an advantage.
Support research at the Lady Davis Institute - Jewish General Hospital