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Dr. Mark A. Wainberg
Head of the HIV/AIDS research axis, Lady Davis Institute
Director of the McGill University AIDS Centre
Professor, Medicine, and Microbiology and Immunology, McGill University

Dr. Mark A. Wainberg is head of AIDS research at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research (LDI), Director of the McGill University AIDS Centre located at the LDI, and Professor of Medicine and of Microbiology and Immunology at McGill University in Montreal. He is an internationally recognized scientist in the field of HIV/AIDS, who served as President of the International AIDS Society between 1998 and 2000 with responsibilities that included organizing the XIIIth International Congress on AIDS in Durban, South Africa in 2000. Dr. Wainberg is proud of the role that he played in choosing South Africa as a venue for this congress, which had an important impact on the issue of access to anti-HIV drugs in developing countries. He is well-known for his initial identification of 3TC as an anti-viral drug, in collaboration with BioChem Pharma Inc, in 1989, as well as for multiple contributions to the field of HIV drug resistance including the identification of many of the mutations in the HIV genome that are responsible for drug resistance.

More recently, Dr. Wainberg has turned his attention to attempts to achieve a cure for HIV infection based on the possibility that HIV may not be able to become resistant to certain new compounds termed Integrase inhibitors that block viral replication. Dr. Wainberg's research and that of his colleagues is acknowledged as having helped to save millions of lives around the world and Dr. Wainberg is a member of numerous international advisory committees in the field of AIDS including several of the World Health Organization. Among other distinctions and numerous awards for his work, he is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, an Officer of the Order of Canada, an officer of the Ordre National du Québec, an honorary fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and a Chevalier in the Legion d’Honneur of France.

Major Research Activities

Dr. Wainberg’s lab conducts cutting-edge research on differences among various HIV subtypes in regard to the development of drug resistance and the deeper mechanistic bases of these differences. These observations have beeen shown to have clinical relevanceand were first identified by Dr.Wainberg’s laboratory.

The major focus of Dr. Wainberg's work is now an examination of the antiviral effects of HIV Integrase inhibitors and whether certain drugs in this category may be impervious to the development of drug resistance. Dr. Wainberg is also exploring whether the non-development of drug resistance might help to point the way toward a cure of HIV infection. Dr. Wainberg’s group also studies the use of anti-retroviral drugs to prevent the transmission of HIV, while exploring whether drug resistance and the creation of drug-resistant viruses might be a negative consequence of this preventive approach.

Recent Publications
Quashie PK, Oliviera M, Veres T, Osman N, Han YS, Hassounah S, Lie Y, Huang W, Mesplède T, and Wainberg MA. Differential effects of the G118R, H51Y and E138K resistance substitutions in different subtypes of HIV integrase.J. Virol 2015. 89(6):3163-75.

Mesplede T, Moisi D, Oliveira M, Ibanescu I, Ohnona F, Brenner B, Wainberg MA. Dolutegravir inhibits HIV-1 Env evolution in primary human cells. AIDS 2015. 29(6):659-65.

Anstett K, Mesplede T, Oliveira M, Cutillas V, and Wainberg MA. The Dolutegravir-Resistance Mutation R263K Cannot Co-Exist in Combination with Many Classical Integrase Inhibitor Resistance Substitutions. J. Virol 2015.89(8)4681-4684.

Dr. Mark Wainberg is an internationally recognized scientist in the field of HIV/AIDS.

He was the first to identify 3TC as an anti-viral drug effective against HIV in 1989, and has made multiple contributions to the field of HIV drug resistance.

His current focus is on novel concepts in preventing HIV infection in developing countries.

He has championed the fight against dubious scientific claims and misinformation about HIV/AIDS, helped organize the XIIIth International Congress on AIDS in Durban, South Africa in 2000, and co-chaired the XVIth Congress in Toronto in 2006.


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