Cancer Research Axis

The Cancer Research Axis, led by Dr. Gerald Batist, who is simultaneously Director of the Segal Cancer Centre and Deputy Director of the LDI, is housed at both centres of the JGH. Research activities include both fundamental lab-based and clinical investigations, with particular emphasis on molecular oncology, cancer prevention, cancer genetics, biomarkers in cancer therapy, new cancer therapies, translational physics and radiobiology, psychosocial oncology, and evaluative research. The Axis represents the single largest area of research at the LDI.

With one of the largest groups of clinician-scientists in Québec, the axis strives to better understand the biological make-up of, and treatment implications for, a broad range of cancers. At the Segal Cancer Centre, synergy between the lab and the clinic enables progress on important translational efforts to provide patients with the most promising novel therapies.
As co-founder of the Quebec – Clinical Research Organization in Cancer (Q-CROC), Dr. Batist has helped to establish links between investigators at the LDI, the SCC, McGill University and with provincial, national and international colleagues. Embracing a multidimensional approach to cancer research has brought about more extensive collaborations and resulted in new insights on how to treat the disease.
The cancer axis also has a very active and growing program in evaluative research. This includes international leadership in robotic surgery of various types of cancers. Axis members play key roles in a new Health Services Research program at the LDI, funded by the FRQS, and in the recently established Rossy Cancer Network's program of outcome evaluation and integration of cancer care.

Axis Themes

Biomarkers in Cancer Therapy

Cancer Prevention and Cancer Genetics

Molecular Oncology

New Cancer Therapies

Psychosocial Oncology

Translational Physics and Radiobiology

Evaluative Research
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