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Training at the LDI

Training at the LDI 1

The Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research (LDI) is a modern, fully equipped research facility attached to the Jewish General Hospital and affiliated with the McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We have more than 200 affiliated researchers, who conduct lab-based research or are involved in clinical research and other types of investigations. Over 250 graduate and postdoctoral students come to the LDI from all over the world to train and conduct research every year.

LDI investigators hold professorial appointments at McGill University and are grouped under four research axes : Cancer, Clinical epidemiology, Molecular and regenerative medicine, and Psychosocial aspects of disease.

In the present section, we present information about graduate and postdoctoral studies at the LDI and McGill University that will help you decide whether we can provide the right environment for you to pursue your work, as well as some practical information about living and working in Montreal.