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Read about the latest advances from the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research (LDI) and its researchers, including new findings, grant awards, innovations, and collaborations.

Study shows, for the first time, that combining two effective medications for type 2 diabetes can result in further reductions of cardiovascular and renal events

A population-based cohort study finds that the GLP-1 RA–SGLT-2 inhibitor combination is associated with a 30% reduction in the risk of cardiovascular and renal events compared with either medication class alone.

Pilot project at the Jewish General Hospital aims to accelerate access to new and highly effective treatments for cancer patients

A new grant will support digital health solutions to advance precision medicine in cancer care, translating into personalized treatment matching and optimized outcomes for thousands of patients.

Lady Davis Institute researchers and research trainees distinguish themselves in the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé 2023-2024 competitions

Four researchers, 4 Master’s and 10 PhD students from the Lady Davis Institute (LDI) are the recipients of FRQS salary and research awards within the framework of the 2023-2024 competitions.