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Research at the LDI


To convert the insights gained from research to practical applications, it is crucial for scientists to study and validate their findings in more than just animals. Biobanks house biological samples like blood and tissues that are donated by patients. Cells that come directly from patients provide the most accurate picture of the disease or condition we are fighting against. Here you will find a list of the biobanks that are actively recruiting patients.

Biobanks at the Jewish General Hospital/Segal Cancer Centre

BioPortal is a unique research platform at the Jewish General Hospital (JGH)/Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research (LDI) built in partnership with the CERC Chair in Genomic Medicine at McGill University. Its goal is to leverage a bank of biomedical information from thousands of patients to incorporate precision medicine and genomics into clinical decision-making and deliver more effective, precise care to patients. BioPortal currently focuses on improving care for diabetes and will then rapidly expand to other common and rare diseases. It is actively recruiting in the following Jewish General Hospital (JGH) departments: Emergency Room, Endocrinology, and the Goldman Herzl Family Practice Centre.


David Morrison