Important informations

Training at the LDI

Why train at the LDI?

When you join the LDI you will become part of a diverse community of scientists dedicated to excellence in medical research. As a trainee at the LDI, you will:

Participate in leading-edge, multidisciplinary research in a basic science or clinical setting at one of Canada’s top hospital-based research institutes.

Why the LDI? 1

Join an institution that is committed to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) by providing exemplary, highest quality work and learning environments that are healthy, equitable and inclusive, free from all forms of discrimination and where every person can feel welcomed and recognized.

Why the LDI? 2

Have access to an open and collaborative top-notch training environment, where outstanding investigators with recognized excellence in areas such as Cancer Therapeutics, Molecular Oncology, Cell and Gene Therapy, AIDS/HIV, Aging, Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease, Clinical Epidemiology, and Psychosocial Aspects of Disease, provide mentorship and guidance.

Why the LDI? 3

Benefit from state-of-the art infrastructure and core facilities that provide top-level technologies and instrumentation as well as scientific expertise and training.

Why the LDI? 4

Be able to attend weekly Trainee Seminars where research projects and papers are shared and discussed with a diverse audience, presentation skills are honed and networking opportunities abound.

Why the LDI? 5

Have the opportunity to compete for internal travel awards and salary support and be supported in applying for external grants and other funding opportunities.

Why the LDI? 6

Be able to take part in the LDI’s Career Development Program for grad students and postdocs in health sciences, preparing you for job seminars and interviews, as well as applications for funding through a variety of events, seminars and training sessions.

Why the LDI? 7

Have the opportunity to showcase your work and network with both local and international leaders at the LDI’s Annual Scientific Retreat.

Why the LDI? 8

Benefit from the full support of the LDI Trainee Committee (LDITC) throughout your training.

Why the LDI? 9

The LDI is located in the Cote des Neiges-NDG borough, in the west end of Montreal, an ethnically diverse neighborhood surrounded by many low-rise apartments, where rent is generally less expensive than downtown. The area is approximately 30 minutes from the main McGill campus and is well-served by public transit. It is also close to the Université de Montréal, and has a vibrant student life, with many cafes and reasonably priced restaurants. McGill Off-Campus Housing can assist with finding accommodations throughout the city.

Montreal is cosmopolitan, dynamic, and multicultural. While English is widely spoken, and is the principal language of instruction at McGill, French is the official language of Quebec. To fully benefit from Montreal’s rich cultural milieu, French language courses are available at McGill University.

If you have questions, please contact the LDI Trainee Committee or Lorraine Chalifour, Associate Director for Training.