Important informations


Health and Safety Office

The Health & Safety Office is responsible for lab safety and use of biohazards at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research (LDI). It provides advice, guidance, training, and technical support to the LDI scientific community by supporting the adoption of a culture of safety. To that effect, the Health & Safety Office also promotes safe and environmentally friendly policies, procedures and practices; and ensures compliance with federal, provincial, and local legislation.

A safe environment is achieved when everyone understands their responsibilities and complies with all regulatory requirements and safety policies.

The Health & Safety Office provides essential support to the LDI community in the following areas:

  • Biobanks support (biosafety & biosecurity aspect)
  • Biosafety & Safe Laboratory Practices
  • Biosafety certifications
  • Biosafety and risk assessments
  • CFIA permits
  • Chemical and cytotoxic waste disposal
  • Ergonomic requests
  • High hazard chemical program
  • Laboratories inspections
  • N95 fit test
  • Orientation for new staff
  • Training and education
  • Transfer of biological material
  • Transportation of dangerous goods


Dr. Robert Scarborough