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Research Grants Office

Location: F-7

Promoting excellence in the submission of grants

The LDI Research Grants Office provides strong leadership support to the LDI/JGH/CIUSSS West Central Montreal’s research community throughout the research administration process, from proposal development and submission to award approval and management. It liaises with the JGH/LDI researchers, trainees, granting agencies and the McGill University academic units, overseeing every step of a grant’s lifecycle from pre-proposal reviews, feedback to researchers, through post-award grants, administrative supervision (re: the scientific internal-peer reviews) and close-out.

LDI researchers have access to the Research Grants Office for assistance in any of the following areas:

  • Finding funding or developing research grants;
  • Pre-awards process (due diligence, agency guidelines, eligibility criteria, budget review, indirect costs rate);
  • Internal peer-review process prior to submission to a granting agency;
  • Grants overlap declarations;
  • Obtaining an institutional letter of support and signature for a grant application;
  • Post-awards process (institutional signature of grants acceptance, salary awards and studentships).

At the LDI, all applications to provincial, national or international agencies are subject to an internal Grant Review and to the LDI Internal Deadline for Grant Applications, to ensure the best possible results.