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LDI joins Sosido Network

The Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research (LDI) is pleased to announce it has joined the Sosido Network, a global online knowledge-sharing platform that helps disseminate research contributions to the community.

As of April 27, 2022, LDI principal investigators are receiving a weekly email digest (every Wednesday) featuring:

  • A summary of all new publications authored by LDI investigators. Sosido will automatically track LDI member publications and will notify investigators when their publication will be featured in the email digest.
  • A summary of new articles released that week from journals chosen by each investigator.
  • Access to a secure LDI members-only forum to ask and answer questions.

“Participating in the Sosido online knowledge-sharing network will help build an increasingly connected research community and facilitate future collaborations amongst our researchers, contributing to discoveries that will improve patient outcomes,” says LDI Director Stephen Robbins. “In addition to providing a current and complete snapshot of the work being done within the entire LDI research community, the platform can be customized by our investigators to stay on top of the latest research in their field or in specific areas of interest.”

LDI investigators have been set up with log in details that gives them free access to the Sosido Network. Should there be any issues with accessing and using the Sosido platform or if a publication was not featured in the Sosido email digest, please contact Pascal Fischer by email at pascal.fischer@ladydavis.ca. Questions and feedback are welcomed