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Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash
Researchers from the LDI hold over 70 worldwide patents for inventions across the board in biomedical sciences ranging from:

  • The design of a model to study neurodegenerative diseases important to test new therapies – Andrea LeBlanc
  • A blood test to assess the risk of developing prostate cancer – Michael Pollack
The most recent discovery-driven technologies developed by LDI scientists are:

  • The Plasmonic PCR™ machine that can detect HIV or Covid19 in under one minute – Mark Trifiro
  • A portable positron emission tomography (PET) detector BetaSense™ for dynamic tracing of radioactive drugs used for diagnostic and treatment purposes – Shirin Enger

Collaborative research between L’École Polytechnique de Montreal and the LDI has enabled the development of a new anticancer technology (Starpax Magnetodrones™) available at the Jewish General Hospital that weaponize bacteria which responds to magnetic fields to deliver anti-cancer agents to tumors – Gerald Batist and Té Vuong.