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Dr. Andrew Szilagyi
Investigator, Lady Davis Institute
Dr Szilagyi is a clinician in gastroenterology, with an interest in diseases pertaining to that system, in particular, with diseases thought to be pathogenitically related to host intestinal microbe interactions. These include the inflammatory bowel diseases and colorectal cancer. His research area lies in manipulation of the microflora through the use of probiotics (live bacterial consumption), especially prebiotics, carbohydrates which promote healthful bacteria.

Major Research Activities

Lactose has emerged as a potential natural human prebiotic. An important research area is to evaluate relationships between disease outcomes (eg colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disaeses) and interactions between lactose and intestinal lactase, which is genetically determined. The main hypothesis promoted is that such lactase-lactose interactions may represent an important determinant of the geographic patterns of human diseases.
Recent Publications

A Szilagyi, I Shrier, G Chong JS Je, SH Park D Heilpern Lalonde C, L-F Cote, B Lee. Lack of effect of lactose digestion status on quantitative fecal microflora.  Can J Gastroenterol. 23; 753-759, 2009.

M. Almadi, PM. Ghali, A Constantin, J Galipeau, A Szilagyi.
Recurrent obscure gastrointestinal bleeding: Dilemmas and Success with pharmacologic therapies, case series and review.  Can J Gastroenterol. 23; 625-631, 2009.

Handbook of Pre and Probiotics Ingredients. Health Benefits and Food Applications. Szilagyi A. Functional Disaccharides, Cho Susan S and Finocchiaro E Terry eds, CRC press, Taylor and Francis Group. Boca Raton, Florida USA. 95-122, 2009.
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