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Dr. Bluma G. Brenner

Lady Davis Institute
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Surgery (Medicine), McGill University

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Dr. Bluma Brenner is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Surgery (Medicine), McGill University and an affiliated member of the McGill AIDS Centre. She is co-coordinator of the Quebec HIV Genotyping Program and Director of the Axe de Résistance et Surveillance Moléculaire of the Fonds de la recherche réseau en santé du Québec- Réseau SIDA.

She has gained international recognition for her studies using genetic analysis for surveillance of HIV transmission dynamics. Her publication in the Journal of Immunology was cited by HIV Medscape as one of the ten most important papers in 2007. Her findings emphasize the importance of molecular epidemiology in the design of pro-active surveillance and prevention/treatment interventions to eradicate the onward transmission of HIV.

Major Research Activities

Dr. Brenner has worked with Dr. Mark Wainberg in research describing the impact of subtype diversity in responses to anti-HIV drugs and the evolution of drug resistance. She is currently involved in ground-breaking collaborative studies with Dr. Jim Koopman, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, using phylogenetic analysis to model HIV prevention strategies.

Recent Publications

Brenner B, Coutsinos D. The K65R mutation in HIV-1 reverse transcriptase: genetic barriers, resistance profile and clinical implications. HIV Therapy 2009; 3:6-17.

Brenner BG, Roger M, Moisi D, et al. Transmission networks of drug resistance acquired in primary/early HIV infection. AIDS 2008; 22:2509-2515.

Brenner BG, Roger M, Routy J-P, et al. High Rates of Forward Transmission Events Following Acute/Early HIV-1 Infection. J Infect Dis 2007, 195(7):951-9. Editorial Commentary: Primary HIV Infection, Phylogenetics, and Antiretroviral Prevention. J Infect Dis 2007;195: 924-926.

Dr. Bluma Brenner is a recognized scientist in the field of HIV/AIDS

She was the first to define signature mutations in different HIV-1 subtypes that affect responses to antiretroviral therapy.

She has used molecular surveillance to show that management of early stage infection could eradicate the HIV-1 epidemic.

She is actively involved in SPOT, a gay community based project to control the HIV epidemic through rapid testing and counselling. 

SPOT site in Montreal’s Gay Village

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