Tel.: 514-340-8222 ext. 26129
Claudia Kleinman
Investigator, Lady Davis Institute
Assistant Professor, Department Human Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

Through the computational analysis of genome-wide data, Dr. Kleinman's lab tries to understand fundamental mechanisms regulating gene expression, their interplay with genetic and epigenetic factors, and how they cause disease. She is developing methods for the analysis of large scale genomic and biological datasets, and apply them to elucidate disease mechanisms.

The lab's focus is on cancer and brain development, two areas where deregulated gene expression plays a major role, and where unprecedented amounts of data are being produced.
Major Research Activities
  • Identification of cancer driver genes in molecularly stratified patient populations
  • Elucidation of molecular signatures of therapeutic resistance in cancer
  • Functional consequences of mutations in neurodevelopmental disease genes

Recent Publications
L Binan et al. "Single-cell laser tag", Nature Communications, in press (2016).

CL Kleinman et al. “Fusion of TTYH1 with the C19MC microRNA cluster drives expression of a brain-specific DNMT3B in the embryonal brain tumour ETMR”, Nature Genetics 46:39-44 (2014).

CL Kleinman, J Majewski . Comment on "Widespread RNA and DNA Sequence Differences in the Human Transcriptome". Science 335:1302 (2012).

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