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Isabelle Vedel, MD, PhD
Investigator, Lady Davis Institute
Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Division of Geriatrics, McGill University
Public Health Physician
Chercheur-boursier clinicien FRQS
Dr. Isabelle Vedel conducts health services research in chronic disease management (health care services organization, health management, information technology), for which she has received an investigator award from the Fonds de la recherche du Québec - Santé (FRQS). In addition to completing her medical training and a residency in public health, Dr. Vedel holds a Master's degree (1999) in Sociology from the l’Institut d’Étude Politiques de Paris, and a PhD in Public Health (2008), from the Université de Reims Champagne Ardennes, France. She also obtained a post-doctoral award at McGill University from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) as well as salary support from the Dr. Joseph Kaufmann Chair in Geriatric Medicine.

She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and the Division of Geriatrics (Department of Medicine) at McGill University, and a full time researcher with the Solidage Research Group in the Department of Epidemiology, Lady Davis Institute, Jewish General Hospital. She teaches courses on mixed research methods in the Department ofFamily Medicine MSc research program at McGill. She has participated on various committees, including the peer review committee at the CIHR and the expert committee at the World Health Organization.

Major Research Activities
Dr. Vedel has led a number of research projects in Quebec and France. Her research focuses on the implementation, evaluation, and organization of primary health care services for older patients and patients with chronic diseases. Specifically, she is conducting studies on the implementation and impact of new models of primary care, such as integrated care services for the elderly or collaborative models for patients with Alzheimer’s or related diseases. She also conducts studies examining the transitions and trajectories of patients with cancer, or other chronic diseases, across the primary/secondary care interface, and on the implementation of health information technologies.

She utilises mixed methods of research, combining quantitative and qualitative studies and systematic literature reviews. She has received funding from various organizations, including theFRQS, the CIHR, Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux du Québec, Ministère de la santé de France, Haute Autorité de Santé – CaisseNationale de Solidarité pour l’Autonomie (France), and the ConseilRégionald’Ile-de-France (France).

Recent Publications
Vedel I, V. Ghadi V, De Stampa M, Routelous C, Bergman H, Ankri J, Lapointe L. Diffusion of a Collaborative Care Model in Primary Care: A Longitudinal Qualitative Study. BMC Family Practice 2013;14(3):1-9

Vedel I, Akhlaghpour S,Vaghefi I, Bergman H, Lapointe L. Health Information Technologies in Geriatrics and Gerontology: A Mixed Systematic Review. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 2013; 20:1109-1119

Vedel I, Monette M, Béland F, Monette J, Bergman H. Ten years of integrated care: Backwards and forwards: The case of the province of Quebec, Canada. International Journal of Integrated Care 2011;11

Vedel I, Puts MTE, Monette M, Monette J, Bergman H. Barriers and facilitators to breast and colorectal cancer screening of older adults in primary care: A systematic review. Journal of Geriatric Oncology 2011;2(2) 85-98.

Vedel I, De Stampa M, Bergman H, Ankri J, Cassou B, Blanchard F, Lapointe L. Health care professionals and managers’ participation in developing an intervention: A pre-intervention study in the elderly care context. Implementation science 2009, 4:21.
Dr Isabelle Vedel has been actively involved in research in Québec and France on aging, chronic diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease. Her research focuses in particular on integrated, and other innovative, care models and interventions including information technologies.
She is proficient in both quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research methods (mixing quantitative and qualitative methods).
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