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Dr. Nancy Feeley

Investigator, Lady Davis Institute
Senior Nurse Scientist, Centre for Nursing Research, Jewish General Hospital
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, McGill University

Dr. Nancy Feeley holds a Clinician Research Scholar Career Award from the Fonds de la recherche en santé Québec (FRSQ). She is the Co-Director, with Dr. Sylvie Cossette from the University of Montreal, of GRIISIQ (The Quebec Interuniversity Nursing Intervention Research Group). This FRSQ-funded research group is the first of its kind in Canada to be involved exclusively in the development and evaluation of nursing interventions and the measurement of their clinical impact. She is also a member of the CIHR’s Team in Perinatal Mental Health, based at the Jewish General Hospital. Dr. Feeley has been involved in the elaboration of the McGill Model of Nursing and is the co-author of a book, published by Elsevier/C.V. Mosby, which explores how nurses can work collaboratively with patients and their families. The book has been translated into French and Japanese.

Major Research Activities

Dr. Feeley’s research focuses on the psychological well-being of, and resources available to, parents of very low birth-weight (VLBW) infants. She received the FRSQ Clinician Research Scholar Career Award for 2008 - 2012 for this work. She has conducted a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of an intervention program to reduce anxiety and enhance the parenting behavior of mothers of VLBW infants, examined the responses of parents to the NICU environment, compared the responses of mothers and fathers, and examined post-traumatic stress symptoms in mothers of VLBW infants.

Recent Publications

Boucher, C., Brazal, P., Sherrard, K., Certosini, C., & Feeley, N. (2011). Mother's breastfeeding experiences in the NICU. Neonatal Network, 30(1), 21-30.

Feeley, N., Zelkowitz, P., Cormier, C., Charbonneau, L, Lacroix, A., & Papageorgiou, A. (2011). Posttraumatic stress among mothers of very low birthweight infants at 6 months after discharge from the neonatal intensive care unit. Applied Nursing Research, 24(2), 114-117.

Cervantes, A., Feeley, N., & Lariviere, J. (2011). The experience of mothers whose very low birth weight infant requires the delivery of supplemental oxygen in the neonatal intensive care unit. Advances in Neonatal Care, 11(1), 54-61.
Dr. Feeley’s areas of interest are:
children born preterm and their parents; fathers; parenting; intervention studies; parent-infant interaction; parental psychological well-being; and neonatal intensive care.
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