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Dr R. Thomas Jagoe, MD PhD FRCP
Investigator, Lady Davis Institute
Attending Physician, Pulmonary Division, Jewish General Hospital
Program Director, McGill Cancer Nutrition-Rehabilitation Program
Assistant Professor in Oncology and Medicine, McGill University

Dr Jagoe qualified in Cambridge, UK and completed his specialty training in pulmonary medicine in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. He also obtained a Ph.D in the nutritional aspects of early lung cancer at Newcastle under the supervision of Professor John Gibson, and went on to do post-doctoral training in the molecular biology of muscle wasting at the Goldberg lab, Harvard Medical School (1999-2002). In 2002 he went to Liverpool University, UK as an Assistant Professor and joined Professor Peter Calverley’s Academic Pulmonary Unit at University Hospital Aintree. His research interests turned to pilot studies on the effects of smoking and exercise on muscle metabolic function in COPD and, later, he developed more basic studies concerned with molecular mechanisms underlying muscle fibre-type switching. In 2007, Dr Jagoe was recruited to McGill on a tenure-track GFT-U appointment as Assistant Professor and Director of the McGill Cancer Nutrition-Rehabilitation (CNR) program.

Major Research Activities

Clinical research programs addressing characterization and management of patients with cancer cachexia are being developed with professionals in the CNR teams. These studies aim to have a direct impact on how patients are treated in the clinic, and range from new ways to assess body composition to novel approaches to exercise training and the assessment of symptoms and function. He is engaged in laboratory-based research studies to explore the mechanisms of muscle wasting in cancer cachexia. In 2008, Dr Jagoe was awarded Canada Foundation for Innovation funding to develop a program of laboratory research related to cancer cachexia. In particular, Dr Jagoe aims to develop new experimental models to understand the mechanisms of muscle wasting in cancer cachexia, but also to provide new ways in which to identify the real usefulness of potential anti-cachexia treatments.

Recent Publications

Wing SS, Lecker SH, Jagoe RT. Proteolysis in illness-associated skeletal muscle atrophy: from pathways to networks. ( Crit Rev Clin Lab Sci. 2011 Jun 24 (epub ahead of journal publication).

Sacheck J.M., J-P. K. Hyatt, A. Rafaello, R.T. Jagoe, R.R. Roy, V.R. Edgerton, S.H. Lecker, A.L. Goldberg. Rapid disuse and denervation atrophy involve similar transcriptional changes as muscle wasting during systemic diseases. FASEB J, 21: 140-55, 2007.

Riera M., P. McCulloch, L. Pazmany, T. Jagoe. Optimal method for isolation of human peritoneal mesothelial cells from clinical samples of omentum. J Tissue Viability, 16: 22-4, 2006.

Dr. Jagoe heads the Cancer Nutrition-Rehabilitation (CNR) program, an innovative academic program and clinical service focused on addressing the needs of patients with cancer cachexia.

Dr Jagoe has direct administrative and leadership responsibilities for the CNR clinical team at the Jewish General Hospital, as well as providing academic leadership for both CNR teams in the McGill hospital system.
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