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Dr Soham Rej

Soham Rej, MD, MSc, FRCPC

Psychosocial aspects of disease

Behavioral interventions, Cognition, Geriatric psychiatry, Late-Life depression and anxiety, Mind-body interventions, Mindfulness, Mood disorders, Older age bipolar disorder, Randomized clinical trials, Tai Chi
  • Principal Investigator and Associate Director, Psychosocial aspects of disease Research Axis, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research
  • Geriatric Psychiatrist, Department of Psychiatry, Jewish General Hospital
  • Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University
  • Honorary Professor, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Queen’s University Belfast

Contact details

(514) 340-8222 ext. 27506

Assistant contact details

  • Myriam Lesage,
    (514) 340-8222 ext. 27506


My primary area of research investigates randomized controlled trials of behavioral interventions for older adults with mood disorders, anxiety, and cognitive disorders. I have 170 peer-reviewed papers, have obtained $3.2M in peer-reviewed research funding and $2.1M in charitable, corporate, and governmental funding as principal investigator, and have mentored more than 90 graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, psychiatry residents, and other trainees.

Major Research Activities

Dr. Soham Rej’s research laboratory investigates:


a)  Clinical trials to improve mood, anxiety, and cognitive disorders in older adults with three foci:

  • Mind-body Interventions (Mindfulness, Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, Exercise, Health Education);
  • Technology-Assisted Behavioral Interventions (e.g. Virtual Reality, Zoom);
  • Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy (Ketamine, Psilocybin).

b)  The Epidemiology of Older Age Bipolar Disorder using the Global Aging in Geriatric Bipolar Disorder Database (GAGE-BD). I am one of 4 main investigators for this project with n≥ 4500 participants, and >34 sites.


c) The Neuroscience of Expert Meditators.

Recent Publications and References