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Dr. Guillaume Bulter-Laporte

Guillaume Butler-Laporte, MD, CM, PhD

Clinical Epidemiology

Genetic colocalization, Genetic epidemiology, Genome-wide association studies, GWAS, HLA, Human leukocyte antigen, Infectious diseases, Major histocompatibility complex, Mendelian randomization, MHC
  • Principal Investigator, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research
  • Assistant Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, McGill University
  • Infectious diseases clinician, McGill University Health Centre

Contact details

(514) 340 8222 ext. 28372


One of the greatest challenges in epidemiology is to understand what risk factors of a disease are truly causal. This is important, as causal associations are more likely to lead to clinical targets and improve patient care. One way to solve this is by using large-scale genetic studies (e.g. genome-wide association studies) and biostatistics methods like Mendelian randomization and genetic colocalization to perform causal inference. This approach has a strong track record of translating to successful treatments.

The Guillaume Butler-Laporte lab is interested in using and developing these methods to solve biomedical problems. While as a clinician I am an infectious diseases specialist, my scientific interest are broader, and I am interested in any research program focused on translating multi-omics and genetics to better patient care. Feel free to reach out!

Major Research Activities

The Guillaume Butler-Laporte lab uses a wide variety of omic technologies in large-scale biobanks to solve problems that lead to actionable clinical discoveries. To do this, we apply and develop genetic epidemiology methods that use genetic variants as anchors to perform causal inference. Ongoing research programs in the lab include:

  • The BioPortal, a large multi-omic open science biobank at the Jewish General Hospital.
  • Development of methods for the analysis and causal inference for the HLA, a complex locus of the genome with untapped clinical translational potential.
  • Genetic epidemiology of infectious diseases using large scale biobanks (e.g. UK Biobank).

Recent Publications and References